Pro LGBT and the LGBT Alliance, the two main organizations for the protection of the LGBTI community have undertaken the initiative “Think Politically”. This initiative aims to encourage the LGBTI community to participate in the 2017 elections, providing detailed information on the attitudes that these parties have on the issues about this community.

According to world studies, 2 – 12% of the population of a country belongs to the LGBTI community. Official CEC data shows that in the last parliamentary elections in Albania, the number of registered voters was 3,271,885 out of which about 110,000 are members of the LGBTI community.

During media monitoring in the framework of this initiative, we have identified some of the politicians who have held publicly homophobic attitudes towards the LGBTI community. The publication of these statements is made in order to remind the politicians that they are not elected to distribute hate and to discriminate, but to represent with dignity their voters, some of whom are LGBTI people.

Christian Democratic Party Chairman Nard Ndoka, former health minister, still considers homosexuality as a disease and deviance, saying that the Albanian Parliament “Is not immune from these deviances”.

There have also been insults from Albanian political figures like “The Cowboy” Eduart Ndocaj, deputy and chairman of PBDKSH. In an interview for the “Të paekspozuarit” show, he proudly expressed his stance as a Christian Democrat against the LGBT community, continuing with a clear insult comparing LGBT people with a car license plate.

Mesila Doda, MP of the PDIU, expressed herself during a debate on May 21 of 2017 on “Opinion” show that one of the main causes her party held in this 4 years, was not allowing marriages within the same gender.

Tritan Shehu, Head of the Department of  Health in the Democratic Party, thinks that opening the way for cohabitation between people of the same gender will destroy the future of children, family, his tradition and of humanity.

*This publication was made with the support of ILGA-Europe within its Creating Opportunities programme. The opinions expressed in the document do not necessarily reflect any official position of ILGA-Europe

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